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Information for the IPTV resellers

In case, you are looking for an opportunity to make money with IPTV. Simply, you can go ahead and make the decision to become an IPTV reseller. It is one of the most outstanding methods to make a decent income. The best thing about working as an IPTV seller is that you will get paid while you are at home, you just need to contact us. Hence, you can receive numerous benefits for the time and effort that you spend.

In fact, IPTV reselling is one of the best business opportunities available to consider as of now. There is an opportunity to earn a decent amount of money by working as an IPTV reseller. You just need to use the option and make sure that you are generating money. If you can find the right audience and promote the IPTV plans, you can get rich within a short period of time. In addition, at we offer great features and facilities to our resellers.

Who is an IPTV reseller?

In Fact, an IPTV reseller is a person who creates IPTV subscriptions using IPTV Panel and sells them to the clients. Moreover, you will be able to sell our numerous types of IPTV plans to the subscribers along with time. They include 1 month plans, 3 month plans, 6 month plans, one year plans and two years plans…

Restrictions to sell IPTV subscriptions

In fact, There aren’t any restrictions, which keeps you away from selling IPTV connections. Moreover, You will be provided with complete control to sell the IPTV connection to the clients based on your preferences. Certainly, there is a high demand for IPTV and people are looking forward to get in touch with the IPTV resellers and obtain their connections. Basically, you can approach them and promote your offerings.

Devices supported by IPTV

Certainly, IPTV is where people can enjoy content offered through internet streaming. Therefore, a large volume of devices are compatible with Samsung & LG Smart TVs, Amazon Firestick & Fire TVs, MAG, IPhone, IPad, Apple TVs, Kodi, Android Smartphones, Android TVs, Android Boxes, AVOV, Stbemu, and many other devices.

How does IPTV panel work?

In Fact, working as an IPTV reseller you will come across the need to use the IPTV panel to start offering new subscriptions for the people who are in need of getting them (You will get the panel for free with us). Nevertheless, You have the bouquets on the IPTV panel. Moreover, All you need to do is to keep it as the base and then start offering the packages based on the credit points. Therefore, just calculate the requirements of the user and assign enough credit points for the duration requested. In Fact, Credit Points can be purchased to use on IPTV in bulk. Hence, you will be provided with the freedom to create your own pricing plans with options.

basically, IPTV Resellers Panels work using Some Called Credit Points and this is what is used to create the subscriptions, Contact us to get it.


Credit Points calculation for the TvClever IPTV Package

Free IPTV Trials

One Month IPTV Subscription = 0,1 Credit Points.

Three Months IPTV Subscription = 0,3 Credit Points.

Six Months IPTV Subscription = 0,5 Credit Points.

One Year IPTV Subscription = 1 Credit Points.

Two Years IPTV Subscription = 1,8 Credit Points.

What are the Prices for IPTV Resellers Packages?

350 Euro = 10 Credit Points (equivalent to 10 Yearly subscriptions).

600 Euro = 20 Credit Points (equivalent to 20 Yearly subscriptions).

825 Euro = 30 Credit Points (equivalent to 30 Yearly subscriptions).

1300 Euro = 50 Credit Points (equivalent to 50 Yearly subscriptions).

2400 Euro = 100 Credit Points (equivalent to 100 Yearly subscriptions).


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Features of IPTV

Certainly, you will be able to find numerous features offered by IPTV. Such as, the ability to customize the subscriptions that you offer is the best feature out of them. Certainly, this will help you to make sure that you align the pricing according to the target market and requirements of the customers.

The increasing demand on IPTV

Certainly, this is a long term opportunity available for you to grab and move forward along with time as well. That’s because the total number of people who wish to get hold of new IPTV connections is increasing along with time. Surely, you will be able to cater to their needs and deliver a bunch of great new experiences to them while you are offering the IPTV connections. In Addition, you can impress all the customers and make sure that you are growing the customer base along with time. As they are renewing the IPTV connections on a monthly basis, Therefore, you can increase your revenue every single month as well.

IPTV Resellers quitting fees

Surely, there are no quitting fees for the IPTV resellers. Basically, you can simply quit IPTV connection and leave without keeping any doubts or second thoughts in your mind.


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